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Spouse Partner Family Australian Visa

There are plenty of components involved when attempting to get a partner visa in Australia. You will find several steps that needs to be satisfied by all the applicants seeing that this nation possesses tough immigration statutes that should be followed by all people applying for visas. Yet, the department of immigration has a right to block an application.
family visa australia
A husband living in Australia can apply for a visa for the wife to join him in this nation. There are particular factors that ought to be fulfilled by the spouse visa applicant before she’s given the permit to reside in Australia. The department of immigration is involved with verifying various documents which are viewed as vital when completing this application.

A spouse also needs to be in a position to join together a marriage certificate to the application for partner visa as verification that she is legally married to the man who lives in Australia. A certified affidavit can also be coupled to the application in support of a relationship between both partners involved. Some people have a tendency of making use of fake documents with a purpose to obtain immigration visas to other nations.

Additionally it is crucial for the wife to go for medical check up at a specialised facility that is selected by the Australian embassy. Individuals suffering from chronic ailments will not be granted visas to reach this country since they are deemed not fit to stay there. HIV and AIDS checks are also performed on all aspiring immigrants to this nation.

It is necessary for the husband to show that he will be able to look after the wife in the course of their stay in this land. He has to attach a history of salary so as to be capable to confirm the amount of money he makes. The explanation for doing this would be to attempt to cut back on the volume of economic immigrants since they are sensitive in a number of ways. There are particular standards of life that must be kept by every person residing in Australia.

Whether or not a wife is able to get part time job in this nation, she must adhere to the rules as well as regulations shown on the work document that belongs to the husband. In case the permit for the husband is cancelled, then the wife is likewise deported from this country. The wife would simply be in this place because of the husband.

Moreover, it can be noted there are several components that should be given prominence in as much as receiving a visa for a wife in Australia is concerned. All immigrants to this country will need to fit a lot of conditions before they are given visas. Having said that, the federal government is propelled to decline an application in the event it does not satisfy each of the criteria.

Unfair dismissal lawyers

Seeking services of unfair dismissal lawyers implies that one has been dismissed unlawfully however the whole reason of hiring an employment specialist law firm is to determine if the employment termination was in accordance to workplace law in Australia. Whether you are a worker or an employer you may need services of such legal professionals. These law specialists are more commonly known as employment lawyers or solicitors as it is called in this country.

How do I know if I’ve been unlawfully terminated?

First wise step in finding out if you’ve been unlawfully dismissed from your job would be to contact the government body that deals with industrial relations and employment law. In Australia that happens to be Fair Work Australia and if one is to search for the particular information on legality of the employers decision the page to consult would be their unfair dismissal page. Should any of it not be clear to you, your next best bet would be to give them a call.
unfair dismissal lawyers
The step of negotiating and talking to your employer is skipped since in this writing we assume that you’d already been served your notice of termination and there is no turning back, the next step is consulting government department of employment, finding out as much as you can by educating yourself. Part of your research would have had to have revealed 10 National employment standards that govern how employees treat their employees in Australia. They are the minimum 10 laws dealing with minimum working conditions that include pay, leave, hours and other entitlements. Be sure to check those out on the Fair Work website.

The next step of hiring unfair dismissal lawyers is essential since the dismissal had already occurred and once educated about your rights, it’s time to get yourself a solicitor. Before doing this however it’s wise to also gather all the necessary information and break it down for the legal council to be able to easily determine the plan of action – let’s remember that in Australia, employment law legal expenses are not reimbursed by Government or by the employer unless that ends up being part of the negotiated deal or the owner of the business is found to have been acting illegally when issuing notice of termination.

It is most likely that you will be footing the bill or at very least some part of it so it is in your best interest to bring all the information to your solicitor’s attention so they can asses the legal grounds. This will include events that lead to the (unfair) dismissal as well as what you did and said as well as how the company, it’s management and human resources department conducted themselves throughout the whole process.